2021-2022 18A Team Roster

Head Coach Jason Beach

Assistant Coach Matt Joseph

Assistant Coach Bryce Christianson

Assistant Coach Zack Gieszler

Makayla Power F/D

Samuel Sturgis F

Brody Richards F

Devon Beach F/D

Cauy Trangmoe F/D

Dalton Hickey F/D

Jordan Hull F/D

Sawyer Kelpe F

Luke Holman F

Ryan Martin F

Rustin Bowers F

Denali Weaver F

Ethan McNulty D

Sterling Myers F

Allan Baldwin D

Kodi Swanson F

Brody Joseph G

Jamon O'Bryan G


If anyone would like a copy of their evaluation sheet, I will have them broken down by individual by the end of next week. Thank you everyone for trying out. Remember, this is the hardest part of any season for a coach. We agonize over the choices we make, and one day when you're coaching your first team, you will fully understand the weight it brings with it.  Whether you were the first choice or the last selection, you have to earn each minute of each shift on the ice, and it doesn't stop at tryouts. Nothing is given, everything is earned, and we as a team collectively make each other better. Keep putting in the hard work, because there were far too many talented individuals that did not make the 18A team that will be spending the next year focusing on making it back into the fold. Never rest on your laurels, because just when you think you've done enough, someone that was trying harder will surpass you. My challenge for each of you is to write down your weakest attributes, memorize that list, and dig deep to make yourself better. We as coaches can only push you so far, so take this opportunity to show us that you are committed to meeting us half way. Carpe Diem!!

Coach Beach