2020-2021 18B Roster

Head Coach Jason Beach

Assistant Coach Nathan Norton

Hunter Skaw 

Josie Hull 

Morgan Chace

Michael McAdams

Jesse Heath

Josh Harbour

Nicole Midget

Liam Hill

Nate Carey

Shane McVey

Jaxon Heisterman

Kaden Wolf

Jory Allen

Jacob Seward Jenski



Ladies and Gentlemen,

   I cannot thank you enough for the effort you put forward over the past few days. While I wholeheartedly empathize with you for not making the 18A team,  I want you to take comfort in this: any other year, virtually every single one of you would have made that team. That is how good our valley talent has become, and I truly wish I could take all of you and put you on a single team. To say this choice was the hardest in my tenure as a Hockey Coach is to miss the totality of how incredibly small the margins were for over half of you. A puck bounce the other way, another board battle, or one last save in the crease might have well been the deciding factor in several instances. 

    Here is my challenge for you athletes. Absorb this and grow from the experience. Congratulate your peers that made the cut, whether they were the number 1 pick or 1 of 6 battling for the final spot. Take what you are good at and take it to the next level. Identify your weaknesses, and then challenge yourself to break those habits, or master those skills you have not yet acquired. Make that team next season, and be a force to be reckoned with. Rise to the occasion as I know all of you will, and I guarantee you will put yourself in a position to succeed in not only making the next level, but in a mindset that will allow you to accomplish anything you set your mind to. 

   In the meantime, I look forward to coaching you all just the same as I am coaching your peers on the other team. Let's get ready for an incredible season. Stay tuned for our first practice, and I will see you all on the ice!

Coach Beach